Repeatify the simplest player to repeat Spotify music


  • Simplified user experience, focus and enjoy music
  • Repeat your favorite Spotify tracks by one click
  • Sync your Spotify playlists, inbox and starred playlist
  • Control play, pause, rewind, and fast forward by media keys
  • Apply EQ effect to audio tracks

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Spotify Premium account to use Repeatify?

Yes, to use third-party apps and offline features, a Premium account is required. Please be aware that, this is Spotify's terms of use, if you are not satisfied with Spotify's subscription options, please leave your complains to Spotify.

I have launched the app, but I don't see on in my dock?

Repeatify resides on your system menu bar.

Do I need to have Spotify open while using Repeatify?


How to contact you?

Please email your suggestions, thanks in advance.

How to support your development?

Highly appreciate it. You can contract us for your future app ideas, we will work together to make them happen.

What's New

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